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DI 60075.055 Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Benefit Rate Increase (BRI)

SSA performs a BRI run, usually each December, to update Title II benefits by applying a cost of living adjustment (COLA) to the primary insurance amount (PIA) and the monthly benefit amount (MBA). A POD participant whose benefits are in offset during the BRI run will not get the full COLA increase because SSA applies the COLA to the offset MBA and not the full MBA amount.

Therefore, the POD Automated System (PAS) recalculates the MBA by applying the COLA increase to the full MBA and then refigures the POD offset amount. The PAS triggers a manual adjustment credit and award data entry (MACADE) action to process the new MBA and issues a notice explaining the increase in benefits. The PAS conducts the POD BRI process approximately one (1) week after the national BRI process.

If PAS is unable to automate a specific case, a processing limitation generates in paperless for the servicing PC to work the case manually through MACADE. The BA determines the full MBA based on the new COLA PIA and subtracts the monthly offset amount for December. The new BRI MBA is effective with the BRI month and continuing. For BRI UTIs, see DI 60075.080. Do not code the DEMO and special message screens. The screens have already posted to the MBR.

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