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DI 80550.040 Case Update

A. Updating Case Information in CPMS

During the hearing process, case information, such as the claimant’s address, telephone number, or representative, may change. You can update information gathered during case establishment in CPMS by making entries in the appropriate screens. After you select [Save and Establish Case], you can only change the fields with existing information through case update or the Key Corrections function. To update fields, open the appropriate screen from the CPMS Directory Tree and select [Edit]. Make necessary changes and select [Save] to retain all entered data.

B. Rules for Updating Case Information

1. Congressional Interest

Congressional interest items can never be deleted once they are entered. However, you can close or clear them. If you select the wrong congress person, you must clear the item because this selection cannot be changed.

2. Development Actions

Development actions can never be deleted once they are entered. However, you can close or clear them. If you select the wrong development source, you must clear the item because this selection cannot be changed.

3. Scheduling and Hearing Held screens

After you enter and save a [Scheduled hearing date], you can only change the following Scheduling Worksheet fields:

  • Acknowledgement received

  • Declined Video Hearing date

  • Add/Remove a Hearing Reporter

  • Hearing site (Hearing Reporter)

  • Site confirmed (Hearing Reporter)

  • Hearing Reporter Notes (Hearing Reporter)

  • Notice sent date

  • Postponed Hearing

  • Postponement Reason

  • Postpone Date

If any participants need to be changed (other than the hearing reporter), you must close the schedule event using postponement, and create a new schedule event by copying the event you just closed.

Schedule events are closed when they enter inactive, postponed, or hearing held status. Subsequent to closure, no information can be changed.

4. Hearing Held Information

Once you select [Hearing held information is complete], no hearing held information can be changed.

5. Disposition Complete

Once a case has reached disposition and you select [Save & Close Case], all disposition screens are locked. Development screens are only available to record attorney fee information. Case update and Key Corrections are not allowed. Update status is not allowed. Users should be very sure that all information in all functions is complete before selecting [Save & Close Case].

6. Fee Agreement or Fee Petition Screen

Once you save the [Action end date] field on the Fee Agreement or Fee Petition screen, no further action on the fee agreement or fee petition is allowed.

C. Updating Limitations

1. Key Corrections

Certain fields, such as claim type, hearing type, and BIC, have been labeled as “key” in establishing a claim. You cannot change these “key” fields through the case update function. Access to the Key Corrections function, where changes can be made, is restricted to specific staff members.

2. Representative Information Screen

The fields for the name, address, and phone number of the representative cannot be changed through Case Update. When you select [Find Representative] and then [Save] from the Representative Information screen, that representative is associated with a case. You can never remove that representative from the case, although you can set him or her to inactive. Be careful when selecting a representative. Selection of the wrong representative could impact approval/disapproval of fee agreements. Use the Representative Fee screens to document when an erroneous representative has been selected.

3. Case Characteristics

The case characteristics screen includes codes assigned to cases with specific features. The codes are established nationally to identify cases with these features. Once you [Select] a case characteristic, you cannot remove it, you can only close it. Document the use of erroneous characteristics in the case-level remarks.

4. Remarks

This screen is used to record case-level remarks. Only the office that established a remark can edit that remark. You cannot delete remarks. That is, you cannot remove any case-level remark on the [Remarks] screen once you select [Save].

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