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DI 80550.050 Case Status Codes

A. Case Status Codes – General

CPMS provides a detailed case status history, allowing users to view up to 100 detailed status codes for a case.

HO employees may update some case status codes, but CPMS determines the case status from action taken in a case for certain codes. When CPMS automatically sets and updates the status code, the user cannot change it.

CPMS provides the user with the ability to “Void” the most recent, manually-entered, status. This allows the user to correct an incorrect status choice or to return the case to a skipped status in the Business Process, which prevents incorrect MI reporting. However, you cannot void system-generated statuses or Temporary Transfer statuses, or alter Historical Status changes. Also, “Voiding” an entry does not remove it; CPMS merely hides the mistake. An authorized user can still view the entry.

The following are examples of automatic status code updates:

  • When a case is permanently transferred to another office, CPMS changes the status to TRAN. You cannot use the update status screens to change this case status.

  • After an ALJ Avids a case, CPMS automatically changes the status to MAIL. If the case is not verified, CPMS changes the status back to EDIT.

  • At disposition, CPMS automatically changes the status of a case to CLSD. You cannot use the update status screens to set the status of a case to CLSD. Once CPMS sets the status to CLSD, you cannot change the case status.

B. Viewing the Status Code History

All SSA components, including DDS, can view the status history of any case. Only users from the owning office or the temporary office can change the current status of a case.

The Status and Temporary Transfer Summary screen displays up to 100 case status codes in date order, beginning with the most recent. Scroll to view multiple status codes. This screen displays the name of the employee to whom each status is assigned, as well as the employee who updated the status change.

NOTE: Employee names are not displayed to SSA users with query access only.

C. Updating the Case Status Code

Only a user from the owning office can change the status of a case. A temporary office can change the temporary status of a case. When an owning office receives a case back from the temporary office, CPMS generates an alert that the case is back and must update the temporary status entered by the temporary office.

The order of the status codes can never be changed. The status history always displays the codes in the order in which they were entered. If you select [Save] on the Case Status screen and enter a status code out of the usual business order, you may lose credit for some of the tasks you have completed.

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