TN 1 (05-05)

DI 80550.070 Congressional Interest Actions

A. Establishing and Updating Congressional Interest Items

The user creates, updates, clears, or closes a congressional interest action based on a request for case information from a congressional representative. Record the request for this information in CPMS for tracking and workload management purposes through the use of diary dates. Correspondence generally is required at receipt of the congressional interest and throughout the hearing process.

B. Showing Congressional Interest in a Case

Only the owning office can add a congressional interest action. Once a congressional interest action is established, it cannot be deleted.

C. Congressional Interest Statuses

The Congressional Interest Summary screen displays the status of all congressional actions on a case, in receipt date order, including.

  • Pending – outstanding congressional interest action;

  • Closed – action completed; and

  • Cleared – action closed when congressional interest no longer applies. Examples include: change of congress person, death of a congress person, or withdrawal of congressional interest

End a congressional interest action by entering a closed or cleared date. Close or clear pending congressional actions before closing a case or permanently transferring it to another hearing office.

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