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DI 80550.080 Case Development

A. Case Development Actions

The user records pre-hearing and post-hearing development actions in CPMS, which ensures generation of follow-up actions through diary dates. CPMS features include increased automation and a more accurate control over workload. The user performs development actions using a combination of drop-down lists and manual input. A development screen is created for each development action. The user has the option to record notes or instructions associated with that action, including adding, editing, closing, clearing, and reopening development actions.

CPMS displays the Development Summary screen when a user selects development from the Directory Tree. The Development Summary screen displays the links needed to add, edit, view, or reopen development actions. The Development Summary screen displays all development actions, both pending and closed, as follows:

  • Pending – outstanding development action – diary date is displayed;

  • Received – development received – received date is displayed;

  • Cleared – action closed without receiving development – cleared date is displayed; and

  • Closed – action is complete – closed date is displayed.

NOTE: The Development Summary screen displays a Reopen link for received and cleared actions. Once a user reopens an action, CPMS re-sets its status to pending, and does not display the Reopen link. A development action can be reopened only once. After it is cleared or received for the second time, CPMS no longer displays the Reopen link.

B. Rules for Development Actions

The following rules apply to development actions:

  • No development action can be added if the case is in permanent transfer (TRAN) status.

  • Each case allows for 25 separate development actions.

  • Only users in the owning office can add a development action.

  • Once established, a development action cannot be deleted.

C. Sections of the Development Screen

The Development Screen contains the following seven sections:

  • Case information – propagated information;

  • General information – the type of development (e.g. CE, Medical evidence of record);

  • Documents – documents in the electronic folder;

  • Request status – indicates whether or not a request has been sent;

  • Electronic assistance request – indicates if a consultative examination was requested electronically;

  • Development source – the source of the development (e.g. medical expert, vocational expert, interpreter, representative, or other source);

  • Action status – action is pending or closed.

D. Working With Case Development Actions

1. Editing a Development Action

Any pending development action may be edited with the following limitations:

  • Only users in the office that added the development action can edit or reopen the development action.

  • Once established, a development action cannot be deleted.

  • The five follow-up date fields must be used in sequential order. Enter your first follow-up date in the first field, etc. Once saved, the dates cannot be changed.

2. Closing a Development Action

Once you prepare a development action for closing, you have two options: either you have received development or it is no longer needed. If you have received the development, enter that date in the [Received date:] field, otherwise, enter the date in the [Cleared date:] field. You can only close an action if you have received development or cleared the action.

NOTE: Development actions must be closed before a case can be closed or permanently transferred to another hearing office.

3. Reopening a Development Action

CPMS allows a user to reopen a development action that was closed prematurely and to continue development as needed. The following rules apply to reopening development actions:

  • The action can only be reopened if the status is received or cleared.

  • A closed development action can be reopened only once.

  • Reopening date is generated by the system and cannot be changed.

  • Data previously saved in the [Development Group], [Type], [Requested date], [Sent to/Received from] fields and in any of the five follow-up fields cannot be changed.

  • The date in the [Diary date] field was deleted when the development action was initially closed. A new date can be entered in this field if necessary.

  • The employee listed in the [Assigned to] field can be changed if necessary.

  • The [Request has been sent] and [Request has not been sent] fields cannot be changed.

  • Only users in the office that added the development action can reopen the development action.

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