TN 1 (05-05)

DI 80550.100 Reviewing a Case

A. Reviewing a Case – General

The review status code captures information about who, when, and at what point in the hearing process the case was reviewed.

CPMS provides a link to the Hearings, Appeals, and Litigation Law manual (HALLEX) to assist decision writers and ALJs when writing decisions. Additional links are available within specific CPMS functions.

B. ALJ Review

An ALJ can review the case at any time before issuing instructions to the decision writer. After making a decision, the ALJ can place decision writing instructions in the Hearing Level Disposition screen by selecting [Decision maker instructions/Notes].

C. Decision Writer

The Document Generation System (DGS) continues to be the tool used to produce decisions. CPMS passes the information needed to produce a decision to DGS. The decision writer can access ALJ case-writing instructions from the Hearing Level Disposition screen.

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