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DI 80550.120 Case Closure

A. Case Closure – General

A user can enter and save disposition information at any point in the hearing process by selecting [Save], until the final disposition, when the user selects [Save and Close]. It is important to note that once [Save and Close] is selected, a user can edit representative fee petition information only.

An additional feature provided by CPMS is the special review notification process. CPMS immediately notifies the user when a case is designated for special review (Profile 5) and prepares a transmittal with the appropriate address during disposition. The case can be mailed immediately as directed by the transmittal.

B. Rules for Closing a Case

The following rules apply when closing a case in CPMS:

  • For a concurrent case, enter disposition information for each claim type.

  • CPMS propagates case routing location.

  • CPMS immediately indicates if the case is selected for special review (selected for PER).

  • An ALJ must complete AVID on all favorable/partially favorable dispositions.

  • Once a user selects [Save & Close Case], case disposition is final and no-one can edit the case.

  • Resolve any open items in the To Do List (excluding representative fee petition items), prior to disposition.

  • Edits/errors are only displayed after [Save & Close Case] is selected.

  • The Hearing Level Disposition information is VIEW ONLY after [Save & Close Case] is selected.

  • Once you select [Save & Close Case], CPMS displays the Transmittal Worksheet.

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