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DI 80550.160 Key Data Fields

Key fields identify a case or have a unique relationship with other case data that must be enforced to maintain data integrity. A user performs key corrections when editing key data.

A. Correcting Key Data Fields

The key correction function is accessed by authorized users when it is necessary to change any of the key fields in a case. Only users with proper authorization can perform key corrections.

B. Key Fields

Case Information Key Fields:

  • Claim Type

  • Hearing Type

  • BIC Code

  • Issue Indicator

Request and Receipt Information Key Fields:

  • HA-501 Hearing Request Date

  • Request Received Date

  • District Court State

  • District Court Code

  • Court Remand Date

  • Time Limit

  • Court Due Date

  • Appeals Council Remand Order Date

  • Hearing Office Reopen Date

Title 2 and Title 16 Key Fields:

  • Notice Date

  • Notice Type Initial or Reconsideration

  • Overpayment

  • Application Date

  • Protective Filing Date

Parties of Interest Summary Key Fields:

  • Claimant

  • Wage Earner

  • On Behalf Of

  • Edit Action

NOTE: If the claim type changes, you may need to remove or add a wage earner, depending on the claim type.

C. Key Corrections Limitations

You cannot access Key Corrections for cases in closed or permanent transfer status. To correct key information after an ALJ has AVIDed a case, clear the AVID.

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