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DI 80550.190 Data Tables

By storing case data in a central location, CPMS makes updating information about experts, representatives, interpreters, etc., much easier to perform, eliminating most repetitive keying. CPMS relies on user-maintained tables which provide the ability to search by criteria (including experts, specialties, hearing sites, office codes, and states). Eleven data tables, housing information from various stages of the business process, are maintained locally, regionally, or nationally. Only users with Table Administration rights can edit and add to a table unless otherwise specified.

A. List of Data Tables by Maintenance Component

Listed below are the eleven tables and the component responsible for updating or editing the tables.

1. Locally Maintained Tables

  • Hearing Site

  • User ID

  • Representative

  • Medical Source

  • Interpreter

  • Hearing Reporter

  • Congress Person

  • Other Source

  • Monthly Activity Hours and Counts Collection

2. Regionally Maintained Tables

  • Vocational Expert

  • Medical Expert

3. Nationally Maintained Tables (Office of the Chief Administrative Law Judge)

Case Characteristics

B. Accessing the Data Tables

All ODAR users can search, view, and select from the various tables. Only Table Administrators can add or edit table entries.

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