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DI 80550.200 CPMS Management Information

Management Information (MI) in CPMS introduces features to manage workloads throughout all levels of ODAR. CPMS tracks cases nationally, alleviating the need for hearing or regional offices to forward reports.

CPMS management information consists of both MI reports and MI listings. These provide readily available information to assist in workload management. Users can easily access the reports through a CPMS menu.

CPMS generates the data for the management reports nightly. All reports generated through MI use information collected the previous day. Many MI reports are predefined and do not have user options. However, customized listings are available using real-time data through Workload Listings.

CPMS provides a comprehensive workload management package with workload control (listings and “To Do” Lists) and management information. These two CPMS functions complement one another. Workload control provides pending actions and real-time workload information. Management information provides completed and updated nightly workload information (pending information is also available on a limited basis).

Select the [CPMS MI Home] link through the CPMS Homepage to access CPMS MI.

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