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DI 80550.220 CPMS MI Listings

Access CPMS MI listings are through the CPMS Management Information screen. These listings are available in Excel or HTML format. The pre-defined listings allow local hearing offices to monitor their work, and assists them in performing daily tasks.

MI listings, available at the hearing office level only, allow hearing office staff to track their completed work, such as the number of:

  • Cases pulled,

  • Decisions written, and

  • Dispositions.

The listings also provide some of the same information available through Workload Listings, including:

  • Cases to be scheduled,

  • Fee documentations, and

  • Claim files received or not received.

Additionally, the user can run specialized listings such as date of birth and workload detail by age. This assists in prioritizing and managing daily workflow.

A. Accessing CPMS MI Listings

MI listings are available at the HO level only. All HO users can run a listing for their assigned cases, but only management can run a listing for any or all employees

B. Available CPMS MI Listings

1. Date of Birth Listing

This listing contains information based on an age criteria and all those that are under or over that age. It produces a listing of detailed case information based on the age of the claimant for a specified point in time. The Date of Birth Listing is useful in prescreening initiatives.

2. Workload Detail by Age Listing

This produces a list of cases that are pending as of a specific, user-entered date, sorted by ALJ. The Workload Detail by Age Listing displays cases by age, with information on days pending, assigned employee, and hearing request date.

3. Claim Files Received/Not Received Listing

This listing provides hearing office level information on those claim files received and not received. A user can select all cases with Claim Files Not Received or all cases with Claim Files Received over a specified pending day range. This listing is extremely helpful for tracking cases receipted/not receipted but sent by the field office.

4. Disposition/Transfer Listing (formerly HOTS Report 33)

The Disposition listing provides information on the number of closed cases. The Transfer listing provides information on the number of cases that have been permanently transferred to another hearing office.

5. Unscheduled/RTS Cases Listing

This listing provides information on unscheduled cases that are in status codes MDKT RTS. This information includes days pending, status, and assigned employee. This listing can also provide case counts for specific Social Security offices or hearing sites. The listing excludes cases with closed hearing actions, waived hearings, dismissed hearings, or OTR decisions.

6. Date of Decisions Written/Reviewed Listing (formerly HOTS Report 26)

This report produces a list of cases written and reviewed. It provides the review and writing beginning and ending dates, as well as the assigned employee.

7. Completed Workload Listings

These listings provide detailed information on the major hearing office workloads that have been completed, including:

a. Completed Decision Writing Listing (formerly HOTS report 30a)

Cases released from Decision Writing status (DWPC, DWRT, DWSR, DWFL, AWPC, AWRT, AWSR, and AWFL) during the selected time period;

b. Completed Draft Typing Listing (formerly HOTS report 31a)

Cases released from Typing status (TYPG) during the selected time period;

c. Completed Final Typing Listing (formerly HOTS report 31b)

Cases released from Final Typing status (FINL) during the selected time period; and

d. Completed Workup Case Listing (formerly HOTS report 32a)

Cases released from Workup (WKUP, WKCN, and WKFL) status during the selected time period.

For detailed instructions on MI listings, refer to the CPMS Training Manual, Module 16- MI Listings, at:

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