Basic (01-04)

DI 80630.010 Electronic Folder (EF)

Material in the EF is always filed under the claimant’s own SSN or BOAN.

When fully implemented the electronic folder process will:

  • Eliminate the need to handle, move and store paper folders;

  • Eliminate the need to redevelop or reconstruct folders, because folders can't be lost;

  • Eliminate the need to order and store disability forms;

  • Eliminate the need to print and file disability forms;

  • Reduce the amount of keying of case data into PCACS because data will propagate from the FO inputs into EDCS;

  • Provide the capability for more than one individual involved in the process to view, and work on, the case at the same time. PC and FO can view the case "together" while at their own work locations;

  • Add work notes and bookmarks to meet your own development and decision making needs;

  • Reduce the need for printing, photocopying and mailing cases and case related materials; and

  • Allow for simultaneous updating of the electronic file by multiple components.

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