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DI 80630.060 Disability Processing Branch (DPB) Workloads

A. Traditional workload

The traditional PC workloads such as FO and modular component work issue referrals, earnings enforcement, Title II ALJ reversals, CDR mailers and non-responders will be processed in paper folders and the Paperless Processing Center (PPC) system, according to existing instructions, until PPC and PCACS both integrate with the EF.

B. Non-Traditional workload

DPBs assist ODAR and the DDS in special initiatives such as Decision Writing and assisting DDSs with processing Initials, Reconsiderations and Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs). DPBs will follow current operating procedures to process these workloads with paper folders.

The DPB is able to access all EF functions through the DDS case processing system. See the DDS Guide in DI 81020.000 for detailed information.

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