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DI 80640.020 Electronic Folder (EF)

The EF is SSA's electronic disability repository that stores the claimant’s disability file information. Once the electronic disability process has been implemented nationally, all case processing components (e.g., FOs, DDS, DPBs, DQBs, ODAR, etc.) will have the capability to access, view and exchange case related information with the EF. At the present, the EF will be accompanied by a paper MDF. All documents that are stored in the EF must also be filed in the MDF.

A. Creation of the EF

The EF is created when a disability case is entered into EDCS, which collects disability report information. Data from MCS and/or MSSICS is propagated to EDCS and establishes the electronic disability record.

NOTE: Cases that cannot be entered into EDCS (e.g., CDRs, mainframe exclusions, foreign claims, aged 18 redeterminations and reopenings) will not be established as EFs and will be processed using the current procedures for paper folders.

B. Contents of the EF

Information that is housed in the EF will come from various case processing systems used by SSA and DDS offices to process disability case. Information from external sources (e.g., medical providers, claimants, representative, third parties, etc.) will also be added to the EF. The EF will consist of information that is keyed into data entry fields and images of documents that have been scanned/ faxed and electronic forms that have been uploaded to the EF as images.

C. Organization of the Electronic Folder

The EF has been organized to conform to the design of the paper MDF. Color coded sections currently contained in the paper MDF will also be included in the EF “MDF” view. Documents and evidence added to the EF by offices that are processing electronic cases will be stored in the appropriate sections based on current procedures.

NOTE: Information stored in the eView “MDF” sections will only be displayed to offices that have the special EF hardware/software. All other offices should continue to use the eView “Case Data” view.

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