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DI 80830.030 Using Information in the Electronic Folder (EF)

Technicians in the Processing Centers (PCs) will use the EF differently depending on the workload they are processing. Traditional disability workloads such as initial claims and ALJ reversal cases can be worked using electronic resources. The information necessary to process the cases is available in Modernized Claims System (MCS), Shared Processes, Representative Payee System (RPS), eView, and Office of Disability Adjudication and Reviews’ (ODAR’s) Case Processing and Management System (CPMS). Technicians should also use these electronic resources to find documentation of post-entitlement actions such as worker’s compensation (WC). FOs will continue to send actionable documents into the module’s Paperless queue. Fax non-actionable documents directly into the EF, see DI 81010.090 for more information about faxing documents into the CEF.

The PC components processing DDS workloads will access the EF through the State DDS’s legacy or MIDAS system. Further procedure about using EDCS and eView for these workloads can be found in DI 81020.000.

NOTE: Material in the EF is always filed under the beneficiary’s own account number (BOAN).

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