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DI 80830.100 Barcodes

A. General

Barcodes are used to automatically index documents that are faxed or scanned into the correct section of the Electronic Folder (EF). The EF barcode contains information that:

  • Associates the document with a specific case;

  • Identifies the document type. (For more information about EF document types, see DI 81020.040.)

  • Identifies the section of the EF in which the document is “filed.”

    NOTE: This is the default location. The eView user may move the document to a different section, if necessary. Each document type has a default location defined; and provides specific information about the document, including SSN, office information (site ID), disposition information (e.g., to print or store in the image repository), and scanning contractor information (e.g., store or forward the paper document).

B. Creating barcode cover sheets

A barcode cover sheet must be created whenever documents from external sources (e.g., Paperless, claimants, applicants, representatives, medical providers, etc.) must be imaged (i.e. faxed or scanned) into the EF. The Field Office (FO), Processing Center (PC), Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR), and Office of Quality Assurance (OQA) will create barcode cover sheets using the eView “Create Barcode” feature. The Disability Determination Services (DDSs) will use their legacy systems to produce barcodes when needed.

NOTE: For instructions on creating barcodes via eView, see eView training lesson which can be accessed at the Office of Learning link.

PC Faxing

  • The PC must create a separate barcode cover sheet for each document to be imaged.

    NOTE: Do not create barcode cover sheets for documents that are mailed to the DDS.

  • Prepare the document for faxing (e.g., remove staples, assemble pages correctly, orient pages properly to avoid being faxed or scanned upside down, etc.) and place the barcode cover sheet on top of the document.

    NOTE: Multiple documents belonging to different cases can be faxed simultaneously (in one batch) as long as the correct barcode cover sheet is placed on top of each document.

  • Use the centralized fax number (1-866-722-2297) when faxing documents into the EF.

  • After faxing the document into the EF, open the case in eView and select the “Case Documents” tab to verify that the imaged document is in the EF and is readable.

NOTE: Do not re-fax documents that are inverted if they are readable. The imaged documents can be repositioned.

C. Moving documents in EF

Users with jurisdiction of the folder have the ability to move misfiled electronic documents to the appropriate section of the EF. Follow the filing instructions for the paper MDF to determine the appropriate section. (See DI 70005.001.) Whenever a case is opened for update in eView, it is locked and cannot be accessed for update simultaneously by another employee. After selecting a case, choose the “Unlock” button on the case selection screen. Once the case is successfully unlocked, it becomes available to other users for updating.

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