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DI 81005.005 eView Overview

eView is a web-based application that enables users involved in case processing to view, print, copy to CD and /or take specified action on the disability information contained in the Certified Electronic Folder (CEF).

NOTE: An Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) case must be established before it can be accessed in eView. Refer to Creating EDCS Cases - DI 81010.020, for information on creating an EDCS case. EDCS case data will not be viewable in the Case Documents tab of eView until after the FO has transferred the case.

In eView, if users select a specific case to view, the Disability Case Process (View Mode) screen will appear. This screen is organized into the Primary and Secondary Title bars; a series of tabs: Alerts & Messages, Case Data, Case Documents, and Status/History; and functional links and buttons. Claims at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) have additional tabs.

Additionally, eView will time out after 30 minutes due to lack of activity (i.e. moving from one screen to another). Just entering data (on the same screen) will not prevent a time out from occurring and if a time out occurs, any changes to the data entered on that screen will be lost.

NOTE: After 27 minutes of inactivity, the user receives a warning that a time out will soon occur. To continue the session another 30 minutes select the “OK” button on the warning dialogue box. There is no limit on how many times the session can be extended.

A. Accessing eView

To access eView:

  • Use the eView desktop icon; or

  • Go to the eView website at ; or

  • Use interfaces from case processing systems that link directly to the eView application (e.g., Disability Determination Services [DDS] Legacy systems, Disability Case Adjudication and Review System [DICARS] Case Processing and Management System [CPMS]);

  • EDCS provides a link to the Alerts and Messages in eView.

B. Users of eView:

Depending on the user’s level of authorization, users can:

  • Select a case to view or print forms stored in the EF;

  • Edit documents (i.e., mark document as “Sensitive”, move documents, add details to documents, etc.);

  • Add alerts, messages, flags;

  • Take a specified action on a case;

  • Exhibit the case (ODAR functionality).

  • Answer public inquires;

  • Create barcodes;

  • Verify material is faxed correctly;

  • Make CD copies of the file; or

  • Assist the DDS

NOTE: Multiple users can access and view the same case simultaneously. However, only one user can update the case in either eView or EDCS at one time. See Editing a Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) in eView - DI 81001.040, for details on updating information in eView.

Training material for eView is available on the Office of Training’s web site at: Office of Training’s web site.

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