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DI 81005.065 Printing from eView

Information that is stored in eView and is accessible by all case processing components should not be routinely printed. Disability information, accessible from eView, may be printed to fulfill requests for information from claimants and/or their representatives or when a case has to be removed from the electronic processing.

A. Document Formats

eView provides the ability to print documents that are formatted to resemble the current paper version of disability related forms. The following disability reports can be selected and printed from eView:

  • SSA-3367- Disability Report – FO

  • SSA-3368- Disability Report – Adult

  • SSA-3820- Disability Report – Child

  • SSA-3369- Work History Report,

  • SSA-3441- Disability Report – Appeal

  • SSA-831- Disability Determination Transmittal (for Field Office (FO) determinations only)

  • SSA-827 Medical Release Form(s)

  • Routing Form

If one of the reports listed above was not completed in EDCS or is not applicable based on the case type (e.g., the SSA-3820-BK would not be available on an adult claim), that report is not available for printing.

B. Data Propagation

Basic case information (i.e. claimant SSN, name, telephone number, and address):

  • Automatically propagates to the forms that can be printed from eView;

  • Is displayed on the forms upon printing; and

  • Alleged onset dates and allegation descriptions appear on the appropriate printed forms.

NOTE: If the DDS needs to send an SSA-3369 to the claimant, the DDS can print a version for mailing that will include the job list and other work information the claimant has already provided, so the claimant doesn’t have to repeat previously submitted information.

C. Printing Disability Reports

Once the FO transfers jurisdiction of the EDCS case to the DDS, printouts of the disability report will reflect case information as it existed at the time of transfer. FO updates to the disability report information or work history information must be recorded and transmitted using the EDCS UAT utility. (For more information see Using the Update-After-Transfer Utility - DI 81010.095.)

1. Printing from the “Print Forms” Link

The “Print Forms” Link appears on the primary title bar above every eView tab and allows users to print all case levels (one case level at a time) that have been keyed into EDCS.

2. Printing from Forms View

The Forms View appears under the Case Data Tab in eView. Users can print the form currently on the screen using the “Print the Form” link at the top of any Forms View screen. For details on the Case Data Tab, see Case Data Tab - DI 81005.045.

3. Printing from Case Data View

The Case Data View appears under the Case Data Tab (Case Data Tab - DI 81005.045) in eView. Users can produce a printout of all data in a disability report one section at a time. The printout includes data from all adjudicative levels of the selected claim. Print from Case Data view by:

  • Right-clicking on the mouse and selecting “Print” from the pop-up menu; or

  • Use the keyboard command <CTRL> and <P>.

4. Printing from the Case Documents Tab

The Case Documents Tab allows users to view the electronic display of the Modular Disability Folder (MDF). To print from the Case Documents Tab:

  • Expand the section(s) of the electronic folder to reveal the documents in each section;

  • select the appropriate document(s) for printing;

  • select the “Print” button.

As a result a .pdf file is generated that contains the requested documents in the order they appear in eView under the Case Documents Tab and a document index page which lists the documents selected for print. After the .pdf is generated the documents can be printed from the Adobe Reader.

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