TN 3 (01-20)

DI 81007.055 Receiving the i3441 (Disability Appeal – iAppeals)

Refer to GN 03101.125 for Title II iAppeals procedures.

Refer to SI 04005.035 for Title XVI iAppeals procedures.

When an iAppeals request appears on an Internet Workload Management Information (iWMI) listing, propagate the iAppeals request to the Modernized Claims System (MCS). Submission of the i561 or i501 automatically establishes an appeal event in Modernized Supplemental Security Income Claims System (MSSICS). However, claims technicians must update MSSICS whenever changes, such as transfer to Disability Determination Services (DDS), occur. After establishing appeal events in MCS and MSSICS:

  • Create a case at the proper level of appeal in the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) to propagate the i3441 to EDCS.

  • Review documents submitted via the iAppeals attachment utility.

    NOTE: Consider using the EDCS Preview Internet Documents page before case creation. The preview page allows the EDCS user to preview documents the iAppeals IU may have submitted via the iAppeals attachment utility. See DI 81010.137A.

  • Commit (add) the documents to the electronic folder or discard them as appropriate. See DI 81010.137.

  • Review the propagated i3441 for completeness.

  • Contact the Internet User to resolve discrepancies and collect any missing information. See DI 12005.005.

  • Document changes in the EDCS 3441.

  • If the claimant did not submit an e827, obtain a signed and dated SSA-827. Follow the procedure in DI 11005.057A.2. for reconsideration requests. Follow the procedure in DI 11005.057A.3. for hearing requests. If unable to obtain an SSA-827, follow the instructions in DI 12005.005D and DI 12005.005E.

  • If the claimant did not provide an additional third-party contact, obtain an additional contact only when contact with the claimant is needed for other development. If no other development is needed, annotate the following on the Remarks section: "Internet claim - no additional contact obtained." For more information, see DI 11005.022.

  • Transfer the claim to the DDS or hearing office when complete.

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