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DI 81010.205 Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Case Selection

The CDR case selection process has not changed. See Overview of the CDR Selection and Release Process - DI 40525.030, for an overview of the CDR case selection and release process. An overview of post-entitlement events which may trigger a CDR is available in Events Which May Initiate a CDR - DI 13001.005.

CDRs will be performed for both paper folders and certified electronic folders (CEFs). The selection process remains automated and is controlled by the Disability Control File (DCF). An overview of the DCF functionality is available in MSOM CDR 001.001.

Upon receipt of the Comparison Point Decision (CPD) folder, use the Medical Improvement Not Expected (MINE) or MINE-Equivalent evaluation to determine if a CDR is appropriate. Instructions for screening CDR folders are available in Processing and Screening Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Folders and Alerts - DI 13005.020, Overview of the CDR Process for MINE or MINE-equivalent Cases - DI 13005.022, and Identifying and Processing Medical Improvement Not Expected (MINE) or MINE-Equivalent Cases - DI 28040.005.

If a CDR is not appropriate (e.g., the diagnosis is HIV infection and the initial decision was made in 1991 or later), update the Disability Control File (DCF) to show that the case is screened out from CDR processing. No further electronic development is necessary. However, the pending medical CDR must still be closed on the DCF as follows:

  • From the MCDR screen, select 2=FO UPDATE;

  • Input the SSN and BIC (if other than “A”);

  • SELECT the appropriate CDR Type;


  • On the CDR Remarks Input Screen (IRMK), explain why the CDR was stopped.

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