DI 81030.000 OQR Procedures - Certified Electronic Process

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DI 81030.018Initiating and Processing Electronic Assistance Requests (AR)BASIC 04-08
DI 81030.021Routing and Correcting Deficient Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) CasesBASIC 04-08
DI 81030.023Disability Quality Branch (DQB) Quality Reviewer Responsibilities Concerning Nonessential Material – Certified Electronic Folders (CEF)BASIC 04-08
DI 81030.037Correcting Certified Electronic Cases (CEF) Cases With Essential Evidence that is Missing or IllegibleBASIC 04-08
DI 81030.040Review and Release of Notices – Certified Electronic Folders (CEF)BASIC 04-08
DI 81030.055Adding Documents to the Certified Electronic Folder (CEF)BASIC 04-08
DI 81030.090Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) Alerts, Flags and MessagesBASIC 04-08
DI 81030.100Signing Electronic DocumentsBASIC 04-08
DI 81030.115Disability Case Adjudication and Review System (DICARS) User Tools: Folder Indicators - Certified Electronic Folder (CEF)BASIC 04-08
DI 81030.120Reopenings – Certified Electronic Folders (CEF)TN 1 10-08
DI 81030.125Retrieving Certified Electronic Folders (CEF) from the Medical Consultant (MC) StaffBASIC 04-08

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