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SI 00602.020 Situations Requiring Documentation

A. Procedure

The following situations require documentation beyond completing the application.

1. Deeming Situations

Provide additional documentation if the denial depends wholly or partly on deemed income or resources. For disabled children, be sure to document that the deeming waiver provision described in SI 01310.201 does not apply.

NOTE: Ineligibility is not clear or obvious unless the information needed for a deeming computation is available at the time of the interview.

Provide enough detail about household composition since routine completion of an SSA-8001-BK (Application for Supplemental Security Income) may not provide enough information in some cases. Include the necessary information in the "Remarks" section and clearly indicate the number of deeming allocations; e.g., ineligible children and their income.

2. Burial Fund Alleged

Document why the amount you excluded was less than the maximum allowable under SI 01130.410C.1. (or, if less than the maximum was designated, why you excluded less than the designated amount for burial) if:

  • an individual/couple alleges having funds set aside for burial,

  • the reason for denial is excess resources of no more than $1,500 ($3,000 if the allegation applies to both spouses), and

  • exclusion up to $1,500/$3,000 of alleged burial funds would result in eligibility.

EXAMPLE: Claimant alleges $1,000 set aside for burial. The claim is denied for excess resources of $1,500 which includes the $1,000 designated for burial. The interviewer explains on a Report of Contact (RC) that the claimant also alleges having an irrevocable arrangement for burial worth $1,550 so that there is no amount available for exclusion as burial funds. See SI 01130.410C.1. for a sample computation.

3. Rental Income Alleged

Develop and document net rental income if the denial depends wholly or partly on rental income.

4. Conditional Benefits

If the claim will be denied solely due to excess nonliquid resources, and liquid resources do not exceed the statuatory limits ($2000/$3000) , develop the possibility of a resource exclusion under the conditional benefits provision. See SI 01150.200.

a. Discuss Conditional Benefits

Allow the claimant to decide whether to enter into a conditional benefit agreement. The claimant's decision governs the eligibility determination.

b. Document “Remarks” Section or a Signed SSA-795

Use the "Remarks" section or a signed SSA-795 (Statement of Claimant or Other Person) to document the fact that the claimant qualifies for conditional benefits but they choose not to receive them.

5. Absence from U.S. (N03) or Failure to Pursue (N17)

Use the "Remarks" section to explain why N03 or N17 applies.

6. Augmented Veterans (VA) Benefit

Document whether a VA benefit is augmented because of dependents per SI 00830.314 if:

  • the claimant alleges receiving a VA benefit as a veteran or widow(er) of a veteran, and

  • the claim could be denied wholly or partly because of receipt of the VA benefit.

B. Reference

SI 00602.001, The Abbreviated Application Process

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