TN 4 (04-07)

SI 00604.008 Filing Date Block

A. Policy

The filing date will be either the date the application is received or the protective filing date, whichever is earlier (see GN 00204.007 for determining the filing date). When an individual is filing on the basis of age, if the application date is before attainment of age 65, the effective filing date is the date the claimant becomes 65 (SI 00601.010B.3).

B. Procedure-When/How to Complete

Enter the filing date.

  • Receipt: Mark this block if the receipt date is the filing date.

  • Protective Filing: Mark this block if there is a protective filing date.

NOTE: If a closeout notice was previously issued for the protective filing date and the application form is received after the protective filing closeout period, the protective filing date cannot be used as the filing date. However, if an open protective filing exists, use that date. Otherwise, use the receipt date as the filing date. For establishing protective filings refer to SI 00601.020 for protective writings and SI 00601.025 for oral inquiries. See SI 00601.037B for close out procedures.

C. References

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