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SI 00604.030 U.S. Residency: Question 15

A. Introduction

These questions document U.S. residency for all claimants. Not all U.S. citizens reside in the U.S. nor is a claimant a "resident" of the U.S. just by virtue of presence in the U.S. at a moment in time. Residency is separate from "presence" in the U.S.

B. When to complete question 15

Complete questions 15(a) and (b) for all claimants since U.S. residency is a requirement for title XVI. Complete (c) only when (b) is answered "YES".

NOTE: The date provided in 15(a) may be the claimant's date of birth. "Birth" also is the appropriate entry for someone who has resided in the U.S. their entire life.

C. References

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