TN 5 (03-12)

SI 00604.075 Other Property: Question 45

A. Introduction

Question 45 refers to any land, buildings, mobile homes, money, or other property not already reported or considered in answering previous questions.

B. When to complete question 45

Complete 45(a) for all claimants. When the claimant answers (a) "YES", complete (b). Otherwise, go to question 46.

1. Procedure for reporting property in question 45

  1. Report all property whether it is excluded or countable.

  2. In addition to the current residence, there may be residential property, a mobile home that he or she owns, or is paying for at the time of application. Record the information needed to decide the issue of principal place of residence pertinent to the home exclusion in these cases.

2. Encumbered property

If the claimant has a loan on any of the items he or she reports, record the name and address (telephone number, if available) of the creditors in 45(b).

C. References

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