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SI 00604.093 School Attendance: Question 57

A. Introduction

The purpose of question 57 is to determine whether the student earned income exclusion or the exclusion of one-third of child support payments from an absent parent may apply.

B. When to complete question 57

If the claimant is under age 18 and working or is age 18-22 (whether working or not), complete question 57. Otherwise, go to question 58.

C. Child does not live with parents

Document the permanent living arrangement in Part II for a child or student child who does not live with parents while attending school.

D. Dates of attendance

Complete the "Dates of Attendance" block in 57(d) to capture current and future anticipated school attendance. Indicate the number of hours per week in the "Hours Attending" portion.

E. References

  • SI 00501.020 Student: SSI

  • SI 00835.042 Temporary Absence of a Child From A Federal LA Due to School Attendance

  • SI 00820.510 Student Earned Income Exclusion

  • SI 00830.420 Child Support Payments

  • MSOM MSSICS 015.023 School Data (ISCH)

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