TN 53 (10-11)

SI 00810.310 How to Compute Countable Income

A. Procedure for computing countable income

1. Evaluate income

Evaluate all reported or estimated income for the month.

2. Determine what is not income

Do not consider certain kinds of payments, property, or services as income for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) purposes. For more information on what is not income, see SI 00815.001 through SI 00815.600.

If deeming applies, see items not included in deeming SI 01320.100 through SI 01320.200.

3. Deduct income excluded under other federal statutes

For exclusions not in title XVI of the Social Security Act, see SI 00830.055. Exclude any of this income in determining countable income.

4. Compute countable unearned income

Subtract applicable exclusions from unearned income to determine countable unearned income. For information on unearned income exclusions, see SI 00830.050 through SI 00830.100.

5. Compute countable earned income

Subtract applicable exclusions from earned income to determine countable earned income. For information on earned income exclusions, see SI 00820.500 and SI 00830.060.

6. Compute countable income

Add countable earned income, countable unearned income, and the value of the one-third reduction (if applicable) to arrive at total countable income.

B. References

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