TN 74 (08-23)

SI 00810.420 $20 Per Month General Income Exclusion


Social Security Act, Section 1612(b)(2);

A. Policy

1. Unearned income

We exclude the first $20 per month of any unearned income other than in-kind support and maintenance received in the household of another valued at one-third the FBR (i.e., the VTR), and income based on need (IBON).

Do not increase the dollar amount of this exclusion when both an eligible individual and the eligible spouse have income. An eligible couple receives one $20 exclusion per month.

2. Income based on need

Income based on need is a benefit that uses financial need as measured by income as a factor to determine eligibility.

The $20 exclusion does not apply to a benefit based on need that is totally or partially funded by the Federal Government or by a nongovernmental agency.

3. Earned income

If an individual (or couple) has less than $20 of unearned income (other than the VTR and IBON) in a month and also has earned income in that month, the remainder of the $20 exclusion reduces the amount of the earned income.

B. References

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