SI CHI00815.051 (MI) Michigan Family Support Subsidy

A. General

The Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) provides a family support subsidy to households with disabled children. The subsidy is designed to keep disabled children out of institutions and assist families in defraying some of the special costs associated with caring for the children.

To qualify for the family support subsidy, the parent or legal guardian must submit an application for payments to MDCH. The subsidy is payable to families having an annual taxable income of less than $60,000. MDCH began making subsidy payments July 1, 1984.

B. Treatment for SSI Purposes

The Regional Attorney has determined that the family support subsidy payments are not considered income when determining SSI eligibility and payment amount. The purpose of the payments it to provide support to families that wish to keep their disabled children at home, rather than placing them in an institution. The payments are considered social services for SSI purposes; therefore, they are not income to the parent, guardian or disabled child in accordance with SI 00815.050.

C. Development and Documentation

Cases involving family support subsidy payments must be developed and documented in accordance with SI 00830.005. The subsidy check will have a stub attached containing the name of the program and dollar amount. If the individual does not have the stub, verification can be obtained from the local Community Mental Health Services Program (CMHSP). The local Boards process the applications for the subsidy and retain the files. If the local CMHSP is unable to provide the verification, it will be necessary to verify the source of the payments with the MDCH Central Office via email through the Lansing, MI District Office. Requests should be sent to the Lansing, MI field office. A signed statement from the individual authorizing release of the information should be faxed along with a copy of your email message.

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