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SI 00820.600 SSI Benefit Estimate Process

A. Introduction

It is SSA's policy to encourage the work efforts of SSI recipients. Before deciding about working or taking a particular job, recipients and their representatives often need to know how the earnings will affect SSI and Medicaid. Delays in receiving this information may discourage a recipient from taking a job or may even result in loss of the job opportunity. SSA developed the SSI Benefit Estimate Process to provide this information.

B. Procedure

Follow the steps below when a recipient contacts the FO by mail, telephone, or in person to request information about how his/her SSI benefit will be affected by working:




Obtain information from the recipient about anticipated earnings and possible work expense deductions (IRWE, BWE, or SEIE). Offer any assistance the recipient may need in estimating earnings and work expenses (SI 00820.150). Discuss the applicability of a PASS if the individual is a likely candidate (SI 00870.003).


Obtain data from the SSR regarding the recipient's current income and living arrangements.


Enter the information about the anticipated earnings and existing income and living arrangements in the RMA program of Title XVI Interactive Computations (see MSOM ICFT16 001.001 ) or manually on the Form SSA-4968 Worksheet (see SI 02005.090 for a copy). If the recipient expects a change in living arrangements or other income, enter the information on the worksheet about the new living arrangements or income.


Compute the recipient's SSI benefit amounts (and federally-administered State supplement), using either the RMA computer software or manually using Form SSA-4968.


Prepare a notice for the recipient on Form SSA-L8165-U2 (NL 00802.030).

NOTE: If the individual is blind or visually impaired, see instructions for more information on the special blind or visually impaired notice options.


EncloseAny other factsheets or pamphlets on work incentives which the recipient requested. the following materials with the estimate:


Give or mail the estimate and the enclosures to the recipient or representative as requested.


Remind the recipient to report any actual changes timely. Highlight the caption on the estimate letter which should read "This is Only an Estimateā€.


Refer the recipient to a Title II specialist to provide information on the effects of work and earnings on Title II benefits and Medicare if he/she is also eligible for Title II disability.

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