SI DAL00830.230 Unemployment Benefits (Texas)

The Texas Employment Commission (TEC) in Austin will furnish unemployment compensation (UC) information to SSA for a fee. Because of the fee, offices should exhaust all local sources of evidence before sending a request to Austin. Local TEC offices will usually provide a printout of UC payments to the recipient at no cost, and thus, asking the recipient to get such a printout is an excellent source of verification.

A. Initial Claims

Ask the claimant to bring in the claimant's next check or award letter for verification. Adjudicate the claim based on the claimant's allegation if verification of UC is not readily available and the criteria in SI 00830.005A.6 are met.

B. Redeterminations and Limited Issues

Verification cannot be done postadjudicatively in redeterminations. Try to obtain evidence from the claimant including sending the recipient to TEC to obtain the information. If none of these procedures are successful, then contact the State office of TEC via an SSA-562 to the Austin DO.

C. SSA-562 Procedures

The SSA-562 should be sent to the Austin District Office at 903 San Jacinto, Suite 103, Austin, Texas 78701. The Austin DO will request a computer-generated form B-83 (Computer Master File Information) from TEC. When the printout is received from TEC, the Austin DO will return it as an attachment to the SSA-562. Instructions for reading the printout are on the reverse of the printout, but if assistance is needed, contact a local TEC office.

The estimated turnaround time is 10-20 days, and thus, requesting offices should not follow-up with Austin DO until 20 days after the initial request.


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