SI CHI00830.233 Verifying Ohio Unemployment Insurance Benefits (RTN 390 -- 06/2006)


A. Introduction


The Social Security Administration (SSA) and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) signed a memorandum of understanding in March 2004 that allows SSA employees to obtain online queries of wage and unemployment compensation data for all States which negotiate data sharing agreements with SSA. The information is stored in the Interstate Benefit InQuiry (IBIQ) system which was developed by DOL and State unemployment insurance (UI) agencies as a tool for sharing wage and unemployment data between States. Authorized SSA employees may obtain IBIQs for both Title II and Title XVI cases with which SSA has a business relationship (e.g. established MBRs or SSRs).


B. Definition


Unemployment insurance benefits, also known as unemployment compensation, means payments received under a State or Federal unemployment law and additional amounts paid by unions or employers as unemployment benefits.


C. Policy


Unemployment insurance benefits are unearned income.


D. Verification Procedures


Field office requesting verification of unemployment insurance benefits should first utilize IBIQ. The IBIQ will provide online State UI and wage data for all States that have negotiated an agreement with SSA. IBIQ is accessed through the Data Exchange Query Menu (DXQM) selected from the Master File Query Menu. MSOM TN 531, dated 08/06/04, gives information on how to use this query. Online access to obtain UI benefit information through IBIQ is considered primary evidence of income.


However, in the event IBIQ data is not available, FOs requesting verification of unemployment insurance benefits are to fax their requests to the attention of Ohio Unemployment/Wage Information Request at (614) 469-2040. Questions should be directed to the Columbus (DT), OH FO administrative phone at (614) 469-2460.


All faxed requests for unemployment insurance benefit information should include at a minimum, the unemployment recipients name, SSN, and time periods for the receipt of unemployment benefits. Responses will be mailed to the requesting FO as they become

available. Please allow 7 days for a response. All follow-ups should be made via fax or email to |OH FO Columbus if requests are not received within 7 days.

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