SI CHI00830.235 (OH) Bureau Of Workers' Compensation Of Ohio - Living Maintenance Payments

The Ohio General Assembly passed legislation, which provides for rehabilitation services aimed at providing return to work assistance to workers who are industrially injured or have contracted occupational diseases.

Workers, who would otherwise receive Temporary Total Compensation, receive Living Maintenance Compensation while participating in an approved rehabilitation plan. Living Maintenance is a form of compensation in lieu of Temporary Total Compensation during the period of rehabilitation. Temporary Total is the regular WC payment. Both Living Maintenance and Temporary Total are provided to injured workers in accordance with the Ohio Revised and Administrative Code. Living Maintenance is only paid to the injured worker while actively participating in a rehabilitation program so it could never be paid to dependents or to the survivors of a deceased injured worker.

When a SSI applicant is receiving income from the Ohio BWC, it will be necessary to determine the type of payment. The check stub may be used to make this determination, as it will clearly delineate the source of the payment. Payment will never be less than Temporary Total disability payments or one-half the average weekly wage. Living maintenance payments through the Ohio BWC is paid as long as there is an approved rehabilitation plan on file and the injured worker is actively participating in the approved plan.

Develop and document receipt of Living Maintenance payments as required in SI 00830.005. These payments are considered social services and therefore, do not represent income under the SSI program (SI 00815.050). Living Maintenance payments become countable resources if retained into the following month. Workers' Compensation payments should be developed according to SI 00830.235.

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