SI CHI00830.320 Verifying VA Benefits (RTN 381 -- 12/2005)

A. Background

Procedures have been established for the direct submission of Supplemental Security Income Requests for Information (SSA-L1103s) directly to VA Regional Offices (VARO) in the States of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Instructions for completing the SSA-L1103s and follow-up procedures for these States are provided.

Occasionally, VA records needed to respond to a SSA-L1103 are located in a VA facility other than the servicing VARO. When this occurs, the SSA-L1103 is forwarded to the appropriate VA facility, which will send the response directly to the requesting FO. The requesting FO will be notified when a SSA-L1103 is transferred to another VA facility. Any follow-ups should be made to the VA facility that is actually responding to the SSA-L1103.

B. Illinois

SSA-1103s submitted directly to the VARO should have a business reply mail envelope stapled to them. SSA-L1103s should be sent to:

Department of Veterans Affairs
Regional Office
Service Center Division
2122 W. Taylor
Chicago, IL 60612

If no response is received within 21 days, a copy of the SSA-L1103, annotated with the date of the original request, should be faxed (312/353-0608) to the Chicago (NSW), IL FO. The Chicago (NSW), FO will handle any needed follow-up with the VARO.

C. Indiana

SSA-L1103s may be faxed to the VARO at (317) 226-5178, to the attention of BSSI. Both sides of the SSA-L1103 should be faxed. SSA-L1103s can also be mailed to the VARO at:

Department of Veterans Affairs
575 N. Pennsylvania Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Attn: Veterans Service Center

A business reply envelope should be included with each mailed SSA-L1103 request.

The request should show the name and phone number of the SSA employee submitting the request. If there will be a delay in responding to the request, the VARO will advise the requesting SSA employee by telephone.

If no response is received from the VARO in 21 days, a follow-up may be made by fax or mail directly to the VARO. The same information that was included in the initial request should be provided. The follow-up SSA-L1103 should be annotated "Second Request" at the top.

D. Michigan

All SSA-L1103s should be submitted to:

VA Regional Office
477 Michigan Avenue
Adjudication Division, 13th Floor
Detroit, MI 48226

Each request should include, if known, the name of the veteran and the claimant, the VA claim number, and the address and telephone number of the requesting FO.

If a response is not received within 30 days, a copy of the original SSA-L1103, annotated "Second Request," should be submitted to the above address.

E. Minnesota

All SSA-L1103s handled by the St. Paul, MN VARO should be sent to:

Federal Building
Attn: #271
Ft. Snelling
St. Paul, MN 55111

A return envelope should be included with each request.

If no response is received within 30 days, send a copy of the SSA-L1103, annotated "Second Request," to the above address, along with another return envelope.

F. Ohio

All SSA-L1103s should be submitted to:

Attn: 214B1(ROI)
1240 E. 9th St.
Cleveland, OH 44199

Only the SSA-L1103 should be used (no free form requests). The SSA-L1103 should include the veteran's name, SSN, and the VA claim number, if known.

If a response is not received in 30 days, a legible copy of the original, annotated "Second Request," in red at the top, should be sent to the above address.

G. Wisconsin

All SSA-L1103s for the Wisconsin VARO should be submitted to:

Department of Veterans Affairs
Milwaukee Pension Center
P.O. Box 342000
Milwaukee, WI 53234-2000

If a response is not received within 45 days, a preferred follow-up method is an email to: Greg Silva, Coach Milwaukee Pension Center: If a voice contact is necessary, please call Greg Silva at (414) 902-5715.

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