SI CHI00830.400 Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)

See SI 00830.400

A. Policy

The Social Security Administration and the Administration for Children and Families have agreed to discontinue (subject to State concurrence) the requirement that field offices (FO's) request written confirmation of the AFDC amount and termination date. The AFDC amount and termination date may be verified by phone. If information is obtained by phone, it will not be necessary to send a written request for confirmation.

The information contained herein applies in the following States which have agreed to discontinue written confirmation: (There is no change in procedure in Michigan)

  • Illinois

  • Indiana

  • Minnesota

  • Ohio

  • Wisconsin

B. Development

FO's must notify the local AFDC office by telephone when an individual, who is included in an AFDC grant, becomes eligible for SSI. This telephone contact can also serve to determine the amount of the individual's grant and the termination date for the AFDC grant. No written confirmation is needed. If an FO is unable to obtain verification by telephone, or if the FO determines written confirmation is needed (e.g., to resolve a discrepancy), this information may still be obtained by using the form in SI CHI00830.117 Exhibit 1 (Sample Letter for Notifying AFDC).

C. Documentation

Document the file (e.g., with a report of contact or written documentation from the AFDC agency) with the AFDC termination date and the grant information for each month.

NOTE: Each FO should contact its local Public Aid office to establish procedures to implement this change.


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