TN 51 (10-92)

SI 00830.615 Community Service Block Grants


Sections 1612, 2001 and 2005(a)(2) of the Social Security Act
Social Security Act;
20 CFR 416.1102; 20 CFR 416.1103

A. Background

The Department of Health and Human Services makes community service block grants to States to provide a broad range of services and activities to assist low-income individuals and alleviate the causes of poverty in a community. States may subsequently make grants or enter into contracts with private nonprofit organizations or political subdivisions.

B. Policy— principle

Assistance involving community service block grants is subject to the general rules pertaining to income.  It is neither IBON (SI 00830.170) nor ABON (SI 00830.175).

C. Operating procedures

Determine the nature of the assistance and apply the appropriate operating instructions pertaining to income and income exclusions.  Related sections include:

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SI 00830.615 - Community Service Block Grants - 01/28/1997
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