TN 111 (09-23)

SI 00835.100 Living in Households

A. Significance of determining Living Arrangements and In-Kind Support and Maintenance (LA/ISM)

After you determine that a beneficiary lives in a household, determine the basis for the beneficiary’s household living arrangement (LA), in accordance with the sequence of LA development. The living arrangement basis determines the subsequent development and documentation of certain categories of ISM. For example, if a beneficiary has ownership interest in their own home, there is no need to consider rental subsidy, but it may be necessary to consider other outside ISM. Similarly, if the beneficiary is subject to the value of one-third reduction (VTR), do not charge additional ISM , and there is no need to develop outside ISM.

B. Documenting the LA basis and ISM

Document the beneficiary’s allegations regarding their living arrangement and ISM on the SSI Claims System pages, on the application form, redetermination form, or the SSA-8006, Statement of Living Arrangements, In-Kind Support and Maintenance. You can also document allegations in the remarks section on any of the forms mentioned, or on a Report of Contact page.

The sections on household ISM, which follow, describe the documentation requirements for specific situations. When the documentation requirements for LA basis or ISM call for corroboration by a knowledgeable person or provider of the ISM, we accept oral corroboration documented on a Report of Contact page.

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