TN 46 (03-99)

SI 00835.485 Household Composition

A. Introduction

The composition of the household is an element in the computation of LA/ISM. It affects the computation of the pro rata share for ISM from within the household (the VTR or the PMV) and the computation of the per capita share of the current market value of any outside ISM the household receives.

B. Policy — general

For the purpose of these two computations, composition refers to the persons in the household as of the first moment of the month. This includes individuals who are temporarily absent from the household. See SI 00835.020 for the definition of household and SI 00835.040 for the definition of temporary absence and SI 00835.500 for first of the month residence.

Additions to or deletions from the household's composition are not effective until the following month (SI 00835.510).

Generally, assume all other members of an individual's household share in the food. However, if it is learned that another member does not share in the food (and the claimant does), then do not count the other member in the household's composition for purposes of determining total household expenses for the pro rata share computation. Instead, determine separate shares for food and shelter based on the two different composition figures and add the shares together to determine the individual's pro rata share.

C. Policy — documentation

The allegation of the individual as to the household composition must be recorded in the file. No corroboration is necessary.

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