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SI 00870.002 Terms Pertinent to PASS


Any of the following terms may come up in a discussion of PASS.

1. Abandonment

Abandonment occurs when the PASS participant loses the intent to pursue the work goal (see SI 00870.055 and SI 00870.070).

2. Business Plan

A business plan is the blueprint for the business. It should show what the business will do, how it will be set up, how it will operate, and what it will need to operate. In addition, the business plan should indicate how the business will market its product or service, to whom it will sell, how it will be financed, and what the expectations are regarding profit and loss in the near future. (See SI 00870.026 for more on business plans.)

3. Deferred Expense

This term refers to deferral of the decision on whether to allow a particular expense until the individual reaches a particular milestone on which the need for the expense is predicated. For a further discussion of deferred expenses, see SI 00870.006B11.

4. Extended or Follow-Along Services

These services are provided in a supported-employment program. They are services a blind or disabled individual needs in order to continue in a job after reaching stabilization. See job coach and a further discussion of job coaching expenses and supported employment in SI 00870.006B9. and SI 00870.006B10.

5. Job Coach

A job coach provides job-site training and support services to a disabled employee. These services may include analyzing job tasks and teaching the employee the elements of each task. The job coach also may act as liaison between the employee and the employee's manager and/or co-workers. See SI 00870.006B9. for a further discussion of job coaching services.

6. Milestone

A milestone is a significant and discernible step or event that marks progress toward achievement of the work goal. See SI 00870.006A4. for additional information regarding milestones.

7. Work Goal

The work goal of a PASS is the job or business in which the individual hopes to be employed or self-employed at the end of the PASS. In supported-employment situations, the work goal may be to work more independently in an existing job. See SI 00870.006A. for a discussion of work goals.

8. Stabilization

Stabilization is a supported-employment term that refers to the point at which, following intensive job coaching, the individual has reached a designated hourly work goal, but still may need some level of job coaching and/or counseling. See SI 00870.006B9. for a discussion of allowable job coaching expenses.

9. Start-Up Costs

Start-up costs are expenses related to starting a job or a business. See

SI 00870.006B4. for policy regarding start-up costs and SI 00870.026 for more information about business start-up costs.

10. Supported Employment

Supported employment is a way of helping an individual with a disability work in a mainstream setting rather than in the sheltered workshop environment. The individual is placed in a series of jobs, given intensive job coaching and/or counseling to reach stabilization, then given ongoing support. See SI 00870.006A7.

11. VR Appraisal

A VR appraisal is any process of measurement of an individual's level of vocational functioning. Appraisal is often used as an umbrella term that covers both vocational assessment and vocational evaluation. See SI 00870.006A9. for discussion of VR evaluation

12. VR Evaluation

VR evaluation refers to a diagnostic study of an individual by a public or private vocational rehabilitation agency to determine what services are appropriate for the individual. See SI 00870.006A9.

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