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SI 00870.004 Helping Set Up A PASS

A. Policy -- developing a pass

SSA will help an individual develop a PASS. In most instances, a PASS expert will be the SSA employee who will assist the individual.

B. Procedure -- developing a pass

1. Offer Assistance for Developing a PASS

During the PASS discussion described in SI 00870.003, offer to help the individual develop a plan. If no PASS expert is available, other FO staff familiar with PASS may conduct the discussion.

Regardless of whether a PASS discussion is held, or the person accepts the offer to help develop a PASS, give (or mail) the individual a copy of the publication, "Working While Disabled--A Guide to Plans for Achieving Self-Support While Receiving Supplemental Security Income," SSA Pub. No. 05-11017.

2. Assistance to Develop a PASS Accepted

Help the person complete Form SSA-545-BK, located in SI 00870.100 Exhibit 1 when the individual:

  • wants help and has identified a work goal; and

  • knows how to pursue the work goal; or

  • the PASS precedent file located at the FO or at the site of the PASS expert contains sufficient information to advise the individual how to pursue the work goal.

Refer the individual to a rehabilitation agency or organization which assists people with disabilities per SI 00870.005, when the individual:

  • wants help but cannot identify a work goal; or

  • has identified a work goal but does not know how to pursue it and the PASS precedent file provides little help.

As appropriate, obtain signed release forms such as Form SSA-8510 to obtain information and Form SSA-3288 located in GN 03305.999 to release information to an organization other than a State VR agency. If a SSA-3288 is secured, make sure it provides the individual's consent for SSA to release information for the life of the PASS and not just for a one-time release.

Additionally, a PASS applicant or participant may authorize a third party to act on his/her behalf in matters pertaining to the PASS by submitting to SSA a signed statement that identifies the third party and the limits (including the life) of the authorization. For example, the statement, “I authorize (agency or individual) to act on my behalf in all matters pertaining to my PASS for the life of my PASS” would permit SSA to communicate openly with the third party about all matters pertaining to the PASS. This statement does not have to be on a particular form. See GN 03305.001 ff. and GN 03340.001 ff. for more information about the issues of consent and access.

NOTE: Do not use Form SSA-1696-U4 Appointment of Representative as a release form. This form should be used only if the individual wants a third party to represent him/her with regard to every aspect of the person's business with SSA not just PASS. (See GN 03910.001 ff. for more information about representatives.)

3. Assistance to Help Develop a PASS is Declined

Suggest the following sources of information regarding job requirements/responsibilities to someone who is interested in a PASS but declines an offer either to help develop a plan or to use a referral:

  • Someone already working in the occupation;

  • The local unemployment insurance agency; and

  • The Dictionary of Occupational Titles (available at libraries and through the internet)

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