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SI 01210.610 Special Blind Income Disregards - Recipient With Nonblind or Nonconverted Eligible Spouse

A. Introduction

This section provides the policy and procedures for determining CI, and an example illustrating the computations.

B. Policy

We never apply State plan disregards to the income of an individual who does not qualify for the alternative income counting provision. When calculating countable income for a “mixed” couple under the State plan, we apply State plan disregards to the income of the blind converted recipient, and no disregards to the income of the nonconverted spouse.

C. Procedure

1. Example

A blind grandfathered recipient living in State X marries a nonblind or “nonconverted” SSI recipient. The blind recipient has the following income:

  • $220.00 wages

  • $15.00 BWE under both Federal and State plan rules

  • $135.00 RSDI benefit

The spouse has $110.00 wages and no work expenses.

The State plan income disregards used in the chart below are typical. Actual disregards vary by State.

2. Chart: Determining CI

 1 Compute BCI for blind receipient only Apply the applicable State plan income disregards (SI 01210.500) to the income of the blind recipient only. Unearned Income of Blind Recipient
$135.00   RSDI
-  8.00   two $4 RSDI passalongs
-   7.50   general disregard
$119.50  countable unearned income
Earned Income of Blind Recipient
$220.00  wages
-  85.00   earned income disregard
÷   2   disregard of one-half of remainder
$ 67.50
- 15.00   BWE
$ 52.50  countable earned income
BCI of Blind Recipient Only
$119.50  countable unearned income
+52.50   countable earned income
$172.00  BCI
 2 Compute BCI for couple Add the spouse's gross income to the step 1 result. Do not apply disregards. $ 172.00  BCI of blind recipient only
+110.00   spouse's income
$ 282.00  BCI for couple
 3 Compute CI/FR for couple Apply the SSI exclusions to the couple's income. Unearned Income
$135.00  RSDI
- 20.00   general income exclusion
$115.00  countable unearned income
The system performs this computation, except for cases requiring a manual computation. Earned Income
$330.00  wages (both spouses)
- 65.00   earned income exclusion
÷   2   exclusion of one-half of remainder
- 15.00   BWE
$117.50  earned income
$ 115.00  countable unearned income
+ 117.50   countable earned income
$ 232.50  CI/FR
 4 Determine CI Compare BCI from step 2 with CI/FR from step 3. Use the lower amount of income as CI. $232.50 CI (CI/FR from step 3)
After gross income and BCI have been input, the system performs this comparison, except for cases in force due.

D. References

BCI Initial Claims Input, SM 01005.194

BCI Posteligibility Input, SM 01305.315

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