TN 1 (10-89)

SI 01310.615 SSA-8010-BK - Heading and Persons Reporting Section


1. Claimant's Name and SSN

Enter the name and SSN of the eligible individual in the blocks at the top of page 1.

2. Filing/Last Determination Date

Fill in the appropriate date.

3. Identifying Information

Enter the name, relationship, and SSN of the person(s) whose income and/or resources are reported in the section “Persons Reporting Income and/or Resources.” For example, if it is a parent of the applicant or recipient whose income and/or resources are being shown, check the “parent” block. If there are two parents, check both “parent” blocks.

4. Verify the SSN

Take the SSN from the Social Security card or official correspondence. Use the Numident Query to verify an SSN for an individual who does not have a Social Security card or any official correspondence with him/her. If the person does not have an SSN, write “Applied for.”

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