TN 5 (12-94)

SI 01330.600 Special Deeming of Resources


Social Security Act, section 1614(f);
20 CFR 416.1161a, 416.1204a

A. Policy

Through December 31, 1984, in extraordinary cases, the Department would not apply the usual rules on deeming of resources where those rules would have resulted in an individual being ineligible for SSI (or a federally-administered optional State supplementary payment) and Medicaid. Since December 31, 1984, no new cases have been accepted for this special deeming “waiver.”

B. Procedure

If a case involving a waiver of the usual resource deeming rules comes to your attention, follow the instructions in SI 01320.980 ff.

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SI 01330.600 - Special Deeming of Resources - 12/21/1994
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