SI NY01801.104 (New York) Expedited Processing

All applicants must be screened to determine if they are eligible for expedited processing. Recipients in any of the following situations would qualify:

  1. 1. 

    Households that have $100 or less in cash, savings or other liquid resources and expect to receive less than $150 gross income during the month of application.

  2. 2. 

    Households whose total monthly gross income and liquid resources are less than the household's rent/mortgage plus heating utilities.

If the F/S applicant chooses to file in the F/S office, the F/S applicant should be given a referral to the servicing F/S office in the usual manner. The referrals should be marked "Expedited Processing Requested". If any parts of the application have been completed, they should be attached to the referral. These can then be mailed to the F/S office or be given to the applicant to take to the F/S office. When SSA is referring the applicant to DSS to file for PA, the applicant will be referred to the appropriate DSS office (Income Maintenance Center in New York City). DSS will process for food stamps also. The appropriate office will be the one that services his/her residence address. If an applicant does not meet the "expedited" procedures, treat the F/S application in the normal manner.


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