SI KC02002.005 RO Use of Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Database (TN 1 - 12/2003)

The IAR Database is a resource for assisting IAR agencies with associating SSI recipients with retroactive payments effective January, 2004, when the U.S. Treasury removes SSNs from federal benefit checks. The application will also assist RO staff with questions about late and missing SSA-8125s.

This database houses records from a daily extract that captures information from the SSA-8125 for lump-sum and payment pending cases. This interim application is only available to designated regional office (RO) staff working with the IAR workload.

A. Policy

Use of the IAR Database must conform to current SSA policies on interim assistance reimbursement, checks, and privacy/disclosure for electronic records. Regional office staff providing SSNs to IAR agencies must ensure that check information received is associated with the correct recipient.

The procedures in Section B. detail acceptable use for the IAR Database. Regional office staff may not develop automated programs with the data in the IAR Database nor provide the electronic data to IAR agencies in any other manner than stated in these procedures.

B. Procedure

1. Lump Sum IAR Cases (entire retroactive benefit sent to IAR agency for reimbursement and remittance of balance to the individual)

Adhere to the following when using the IAR Database:

a. Single Record Requests

If the RO staff member receives a request for the SSN for a single record, obtain the SSN via the TCVQ (available on the Master File Query #7), using the check number the agency provides.

NOTE: EM-3061 prohibits the disclosure of SSN information over the telephone, by FAX or by mail as a result of a telephone request when the requester cannot provide the SSN. The EM also prohibits any attempt to locate an SSN in SSA records based on a telephone request when the SSN is not provided. In such situations, the RO staff member may ask the requester to FAX the request with appropriate identifying information. If the record can be identified on a single search of SSA records (e.g., the TCVQ) based on the information provided, then the SSN can be disclosed by telephone.

b. Multiple Record Requests

For multiple requests, the IAR agency should submit a list with the following information:

  • Name of individual.

  • Date of the check issued to the IAR agency.

  • The check number.

The RO staff member will:

  1. Request the Agency View screen by entering the GR code, date range, and preference of a name or date sort.

  2. Review the list and date range to assure that the records fall within the confidence parameters described below.

  3. Enter the SSNs on the request form.

  4. Fax the list with the SSNs back to the IAR agency.

2. Confidence Parameters for Lump Sum Records

RO staff members may provide SSNs in response to an IAR agency request if the record falls within the following confidence parameters:

  • The check date submitted by the IAR agency falls within seven (7) days of the processing date (the date shown on the IAR Database screen).

  • Only one occurrence of the individual's name appears in the listing for the date range selected.

If the record falls within the above stated confidence parameters, the RO staff member may provide the SSN to the IAR agency using the instructions above. If the record does not fall within the confidence parameters, obtain the SSN from TCVQ, using the check number the IAR agency submitted to the RO. If there is any question regarding the identity of the individual, use TCVQ to obtain the SSN.

EXAMPLE: The IAR agency faxes a list of names, check dates, and check numbers to the RO. The RO staff member locates a record for Frank Czierwotni in the IAR Database. The check date reported by the IAR agency is 01/16/04. The SSI processing date 01/14/04. Since the record falls within the confidence parameters, the RO staff member records the SSN on the document that she will fax to the state.

EXAMPLE: The same list requests a SSN for a Maria Lopez, check date 01/15/04. The list on the IAR Database shows two individuals named Maria Lopez for the date range requested. Since the record does not fall within the confidence parameters, the RO staff member obtains the SSN for Maria Lopez from TCVQ and enters it on the state's request form.

3. Installment Cases (Payment Pending Cases - IAR agency advises SSA on amount of reimbursement before the c