SI NY02003.180 IAR Payment Pending Case - State Due Payment (RTS 404 -- 12/2006)

A. Policy

Section 213 of Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, P.L. 104-193 became effective on 12/01/96. It requires that, in certain situations, the FO must secure the amount of retroactive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits that should be paid to the State, prior to releasing any underpayment or portion of any underpayment to the recipient. Included in the legislation are: "dedicated accounts for large underpayments" and "installment payments of large past-due retroactive benefits. In these situations, special procedures are required involving the form: SSA-8125 - IAR Payment Pending Case (IARPPC) - State Due Payment (SDP) - Priority Handling.

B. Procedure

1. Initial IAR Information Request - SSA-8125-IARPPC-SDP

The FO requests a completed SSA-8125-IAR PAYMENT PENDING CASE-STATE DUE PAYMENT - PRIORITY HANDLING via fax. This SSA-8125-SDP should be returned to the FO within 15 working days of the request; (the form gives 10 working days). The fax should be sent, based on the Grant Reimbursement (GR) Code, to one of the addressees listed below:

  1. a. 

    In New York City - New York City Department of Human Resources Administration (NYCHRA) - Director of Liaison and Control, fax - (212) 274-5064.

  2. b. 

    Outside of NYC - The local Department of Social Services (NYS-DSS) - see SI R 02003.081 for addresses.

  3. c. 

    Office of Mental Health (NYS-OMH), fax (518) 473-5167.

2. Second Request - SSA-8125-IARPPC-SDP

If no response is received after the 15 working days, the FO should fax a second request to the same location marked: SSA-8125-IARPPC-SDP - SECOND REQUEST. (Show the date of the initial request).

3. Third Request - SSA-8125-IARPPC-SDP

If no response is received 10 working days, from the date of the second request, the FO should fax a third request to the original location marked: SSA-8125-IARPPC-SDP - THIRD REQUEST. (Show the dates of the two prior requests). Send copies of the third request to: Center for Programs Support (CPS) ATT: IAR Coordinator - fax - (212) 264-2071.

4. SSA-8125-IARPPC-SDP Response Received

Upon receipt of the SSA-8125-IARPPC-SDP, the FO will:

  1. a. 

    Issue the IAR payment to the State via systems input.

  2. b. 

    Sign and date the form and fax a copy to the CPS at (212) 264-2071 - Attn: IAR Coordinator. This is required for accounting purposes and is a paper record of the money that SSA sent to the State Agency.

5. Couple's Cases - Start Date

All FOs must be very careful when creating a Start date record that the first check released by the system to welfare is the retroactive check and not the first monthly check.

6. IAR Payment Pending Case - Follow-up Procedure

In September 1998, the SSA-8125 (Interim Assistance Reimbursement Accounting Form), mailing procedure for Payment Pending Cases (PPC) was automated. An I9 alert is generated and means that the automated SSA-8125 was sent to the State Agency according to the GR on the SSIRD. There are no automated follow-ups. Unless there are systems problems, FOs can assume that within two weeks from the date of the I9 alert the automated SSA-8125 was received by the State Agency.


If no response is received from the State Agency, after the appropriate timeframes, the FO should call them to ensure that they received the SSA-8125 and when a response can be expected. If no SSA-8125 was received, the FO should prepare a manual one so that the State Agency can process the case. If automated SSA-8125s are not being received by a particular State Agency, the FO should document the names and SSNs and contact the CPS at (212) 264-4009. FOR NYC CASES: To determine if the SSA-8125 was received, the FO may contact: Ms. Evans (212) 274-5835 or Mr. Walker (212) 274-5244.


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