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SI 02009.010 Quarterly Computation - No Change in FBR

A. Procedure -- eligible individual

Generally, use the steps listed below to compute a pay­ment for an eligible individual who has no eligible spouse. (See SI 02009.050 for additional computation processes if the eligible individual is considered a qualified individual who has one or more essential persons. See SI 01310.000ff if the eligible individual is living with an ineligible spouse.)

  1. 1. 

    Determine the quarterly FBR for the individual in accordance with the charts in SI 02001.020.

  2. 2. 

    Subtract the countable income which is received or expected to be received during that quarter; and

  3. 3. 

    Divide by three - The result (rounded if necessary) constitutes the eligible individual's actual monthly pay­ment amount.

Example 1:

Alice Anderson files an application in April 1981. She lives in her sister's household. She expects to receive $300 of countable income in each quarter. Compute her monthly payment amount quarterly as follows:


Quarterly FBR (1/3 reduction)


Countable income


Quarterly payment amount





$ 58.666

Monthly payment amount (rounded to $58.67)

Example 2:

Bob Brown, a disabled child, files for SSI in January 1981. He lives with his parents and younger sister. He has no income. His father's salary of $1000 per month is the family's only income. Compute his SSI payment as follows:



Quarterly FBR


Countable income *($3000 less exclusion of $357 allocation for ineligible sister, $255 earned income allowance, $2142 living allowance of parents, and $60 general exclusion)


Quarterly payment amount






Monthly Payment Amount

B. Procedure -- eligible couple living together

When an eligible individual and an eligible spouse are living together (or separated less than six months and have the same living arrangement) they are treated as a single unit for the purpose of computing the payment amount. Consider all the income received by the unit in a calendar quarter to find the countable income. Subtract the countable income from the FBR due that unit for that quarter. It is immaterial that income is received by only one member of the unit or that it is used by only one member of the unit. The computation steps are the same as for a quarterly computation for an individual, but with the additional step of dividing the monthly amount due the couple in half to determine the amount due each member.

NOTE: If an eligible couple completes its six-month sepa­ration period during a quarter see SI 02009.025. If one member of the eligible couple is living in the household of another throughout one or more months in the quarter see SI 02009.030. If one member of the couple is in a medical treatment' facility throughout one or more months in the quarter and Medicaid is paying over 50 percent of the cost of care, see SI 02009.035. If the monthly payment amount re­sults in a fraction of a cent, see SI 02009.005 for rounding. If one member of the couple becomes eligible later than the other member, see SI 02009.025 for the division of the pay­ments due the couple.



Virginia and Peter Carroll are an eligible couple. They applied for SSI payments on January 2, 1981. Virginia has earned income of $100 per month. Peter will have earned income only in the month of January in the amount of $195. In addition, they each receive a social se­curity benefit of $110 per month. Compute their payment for the first quarter of 1981 as follows:


Quarterly FBR

$ 750.00

Countable income (3 x $110 = $330; 3 x $110 = $330; $660 –


60 = $600 countable unearned income; $195 + (3 x $100) = $495 - $195 = $300/ 2 = $150 countable earned income)

$ 321.00

Quarterly payment amount






Monthly payment amount to the couple

$ 53.50

Monthly payment amount to each member

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