SI CHI02220.036 Court-Ordered Restitution of SSI Overpayments (RTN 416 - 02/2010)

See SI 02220.036

A. General

This section clarifies the roles and responsibilities of the Regional Office (RO) and field offices (FOs) in processing court-ordered restitution of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) overpayments in the Chicago Region.

B. Notification of court-ordered restitution cases

ROs are notified of court-ordered restitution cases via the receipt of Form OI-68, Report of Court Ordered Restitution/Judgment, from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). The OI-68 is often accompanied by a copy of the court order.

FOs can become involved in court-ordered restitution cases when working overpayment diaries or when individuals previously ordered to pay restitution apply (or reapply) for benefits.

C. RO responsibilities

In the Chicago Region, the Assistant Regional Commissioner, Management and Operations Support, Center for RSI and SSI retains the overall responsibility for monitoring and controlling all title XVI court-ordered restitution cases. Upon receipt of the OI-68, the RO will:

  • Enter the case into the Restitution Database;

  • Fax available information into NDRed;

  • Notify the servicing FO of any outstanding actions; and

  • As necessary, coordinate actions with the Department of Justice (DOJ), the courts, PSCs, and FOs.

D. FO responsibilities

FOs are responsible for following all appropriate POMS and regional instructions. FOs will:

  • Send all non-automated notices when required;

  • Complete all required systems transactions (e.g., posting manual overpayments, adjusting overpayment sequences as necessary);

  • Coordinate overpayment collection activity with the RO when necessary; and

  • Notify the RO of unusual case situations.

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