SI NY02302.006 Continuing Benefits - SSI Work Incentives

See SI 02302.006

A. Work Incentive Liaisons

SSA continues to pursue SSI work incentive (WI) policies and activities to make it easier for disabled recipients to return to the workforce. One way we can ensure that WI activities continue is to designate at least one individual in each FO and/or district as a WI specialist. Each district must have a current work incentive liaison (WIL). This makes certain that someone in the FO/district will have a thorough knowledge of the WI provisions and acts as a central contact person for WI activities.

This person should be known to all outside organizations dealing with the disabled, vocational rehabilitation offices, offices for the visually or hearing impaired, sheltered workshops, rehabilitation facilities, etc. as well as all employees of the district. The WIL can help to prevent any misunderstandings or misinformation about the provisions. If at all possible, it would also be a good idea to have a back-up for the WIL.

All of the WILs will be compiled annually in a Regional Work Incentive Liaison (WIL) listing. These WIL listings can also be of value to outside contacts. Widespread dissemination will enhance the cooperation between the staffs of the various organizations and our own staffs. In this way communications can be reinforced. The regional office (RO) also distributes this listing to various individuals/agencies who contact us with WI concerns. Generally, these are agencies that deal with more than one FO.

B. Reports Of Wi Activities

The RO is always interested in work incentive efforts completed by the field; we periodically report our efforts to CO. Please use the attached sheet to let the RO know, on a flow basis, the nature of your activities in this endeavor. If you wish, you may submit your Work Incentive Report(s) via CC:mail to ||NY ARC POS RSI/SSI Branch.

EX. 1 - Work Incentive Report

Field Office: ______________________________________

Office Contact: ____________________________________

Telephone # _______________________________________

Organization: ______________________________________

Address: __________________________________________

Date of Contact: ___________________________________

Type of Contact: ___________________________________

Description of Activity:

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