TN 41 (09-02)

SI 02305.046 Transfer of RZs Between FOs

A. Introduction

The Post Entitlement Operational Data Store (PE ODS) case listing for a FO may contain the name of a recipient or representative payee who has a mailing address outside the FO servicing area. This occurs primarily as the result of:

  • A recent change of address (COA); or

  • Erroneous ZIP code alignments; i.e., ZIP codes assigned to another FO or sent to an FO erroneously;

  • A ZIP code with more than one servicing FO; or

  • An invalid ZIP code.

NOTE: Case jurisdiction on PE ODS is determined by the servicing DO (DIS) code in the address (ADDR) segment of an SSR query. Input of a redetermination initiation date by a FO other than the servicing FO will override the DIS jurisdiction code.

B. Procedure

1. Erroneous ZIP Code

If the ZIP code alignment is erroneous, notify the regional office (RO) promptly so the system can be corrected.

2. Invalid ZIP Code

Correct an invalid ZIP code on the SSR.

3. COA Old FO

If a transaction reveals that there has been a recent COA and the new address is serviced by another FO handle as follows:

  • Query the system to see what address is currently on the SSR.

  • If the new address is not on the SSR input the new address and living arrangement (LA) on the query. Transfer the RZ to the new FO. Advise the new FO that the new address was input and LA development may be necessary.

  • If the new address is on the SSR, transfer the redetermination materials to the new FO. Advise them of the reason for transfer.

4. COA New FO

Make a personal contact with the recipient before making system input based on RZ material sent from another FO.

Verify the existence and identity of the recipient.

Complete an RZ if one is pending.

C. Reference

For redeterminations that are transferred or deleted, see SM 01501.025.

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